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Your Next Home 

There is no need to navigate the marketplace on your own when you are searching for an affordable house for sale. Many people have turned to Penny Timothy Real Estate in order to tap into her expertise. This includes learning more about the area, the homes, and the home buying process.
Penny Timothy has lived and worked in Elizabeth Bay and Potts Point for over 10 years and an answer all of the questions that you have about neighbourhoods, schools, shopping and anything else that you may need to know about  home for sale in Elizabeth Bay or Potts Point prior to making an offer.
Everyone has a budget, so it only makes sense that you want to stay within yours. Finding an affordable house for sale isn’t impossible. Once you identify your budget, a real estate agent will be able to work with you to find the kind of property that you have always dreamed about – whether it is a whole floor apartment, or something entirely different.
Elizabeth Bay has all sorts of beautiful neighbourhoods to explore. Depending on your budget, one area may be more of a possibility than another. 
Even if you aren’t living within the area right now, it is possible to find a home for sale by working with a knowledgeable professional. Because Penny Timothy lives locally, she can answer questions and provide you with more insight. She can also provide inside acknowledge so you can get to know the property before you get to seeing it for yourself.

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